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Who am I? Who I am My name is Carla Marlene Gonzalez Partida, and I was born on December 29 of 1991, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. My life has been a complete journey of new things, some overwhelming, and others not as pleasant, but at the end I have been able to move forward. I started high school in my city of origin, and I went there until last December. I moved to United States on January 2010 for personal reasons, and finished at Judson High School. I’m proud to say that I was able to graduate, even though I arrived last semester. No one thought I would make it, but I did. I love languages; it is something that I am passionate about, that is why I am seeking for an International Business degree, and another one as a translator. I actually speak 3 languages fluently: English, Spanish, and French. The idea of writing my thoughts and goals is something that I enjoy whenever I have time I try to write; I am a detail writer. I like writing about everything that I think would make the main idea make sense to the reader. My biggest weakness I would say is the fact that I write without the correct
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