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My Room The walls are deeply blue, and the ceiling is white; the brown carpet is all around the floor with a little green stain that my sister did while she was eating some broccoli soup, and we weren’t able to remove it completely. On the front side of the room there is a TV desk stand that holds my plasma TV, and my DVD player. I spend a lot of time watching movies, and playing video games; all the people that come in notice that I have a variety of titles. On the left side of the room is my queen size bed that has a very soft mattress. It has two pillows on top that are filled with goose feathers. On top of the bed there are about 54 stuffed panda bears, I have a little obsession with them. Going to the right side of the room, I have a few pictures on
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Unformatted text preview: the wall, and a huge poster that my friends made for me before I moved here. I would say that it is the side of the room that shows my personality. I am a creative person that enjoys doing scrapbooks among other things. I am a sports person, so sometimes whenever I arrive from Soccer practice it smells like sweat. I try to spray some vanilla fragrance, so 90% of the time my room smells very sweet, and I love it. Since I’ve done ballet for quite a long time, I have point shoes all over the place, and tutus. My room is kind of empty because I haven’t been able to decorate it like I wish it would look like; but hopefully soon. I am planning to add clip boards, posters, and a lot of things....
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