What does Education mean to me

What does Education mean to me - am planning on going...

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What does Education mean to me? When I was younger, I didn’t like to go to school at all. I just wanted the bell to ring to be able to go to lunch with my friends. The classes felt as if they lasted days, and I hated going home with an excessive amount of homework. When I started high school I loved it, because I was in a dual – program school. We had only international students, and I made many friends. One boy from Korea was extremely smart, and he knew Spanish perfectly, so I decided that I wanted to be smarter than him. We competed in everything, and by the time I checked my grades, I was a straight A student. Since that day I started to see things in a different way. I personally think that a person without education doesn’t have a promising future; I don’t work for now because I’m full time student, and I
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Unformatted text preview: am planning on going somewhere else to do an internship in French. I like doing all I can to have good grades, but I also think that involving in sports its very fun, and helps you to deal with the stress. That is why I joined the Soccer team, and Ballet. Sometimes I feel really tired after school, and I dont want to go to practice but I always push myself to go because thats what makes the difference between individuals. I truly believe that with the education I get, one day I will have a great job in International Business, being able to regulate trades, and importations of products around the world. The most important thing to me will be that all those hours taking French, English, Italian, and obviously Spanish were effective, and if it wasnt for my parents that would of never happened....
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