What does education mean to us

What does education mean to us - effort in college to try...

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What does education mean to us? Education wasn’t important to us when we were younger; we only went because our mothers told us to go. There were times we all loved it a lot, but others we hated it. We only wanted to party and hang out with our friends. We didn’t understand how important education is. We didn’t understand that one day our parents are going to be gone one day, and we won’t have anyone to depend on, but ourselves. In this moment we all see ourselves putting all our
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Unformatted text preview: effort in college to try to get a good job, and don’t have to resignate to work in something that we aren’t passionate about; finally at this moment we understood the real importance of education, and that without it we are lost. In our future, we see our education to be as important as is now. Some of us are going to try to get higher degrees in order to get better jobs. Others are just going to finish college and go to work....
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