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Character and play analysis ( Answers)

Character and play analysis ( Answers) - Character and Play...

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Character and Play Analysis- 100 points Select a play of your choosing. Answer the following questions. Please write NEATLY or type your answers on a separate page. Name of Play- Steel Magnolias Author- Robert Harling 1. What is the Genre of the play? (10 pts) Support your answer. Melodrama 2. Plot- Summarize the action of the play in 1-2 sentences.(5 pts) DO NOT RETELL ENTIRE STORY A friendship between a circle of chatty southern women who gathered around Truvy’s Beauty Parlor in Louisiana, but suddenly everything is about to change since Mrs. M’ Lynn’s (one of the girl-friends) daughter named Shelby is about to get married. 3. Character- Choose one character and describe the following- give an example from the play for each - (dialogue or stage directions)(30pts total) Shelby a. External factors- Physical traits/Profession or Socio economic level Shelby is a classy young middle class girl diagnose with type one diabetes, which is why she is settle in her parents’ house needing constant care. Example: The movie opens when Shelby is coming down the stairs from her room getting ready to head to Truvy’s Beauty Parlor. While Shelby is getting her hair fix, she began to have one of her attacks.
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