Character and play analysis 2009

Character and play analysis 2009 - (5 pts 7 Spectacle what...

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Character and Play Analysis- 100 points Select a play of your choosing. Answer the following questions. Please write NEATLY or type your answers on a separate page. Name of Play- Author- 1. What is the Genre of the play? (10 pts) Support your answer. 2. Plot- Summarize the action of the play in 1-2 sentences.(5 pts) DO NOT RETELL ENTIRE STORY 3. Character- Choose one character and describe the following- give an example from the play for each - (dialogue or stage directions)(30pts total) a. External factors- Physical traits/Profession or Socio economic level b. Internal factor- What does this character want/desire in the play? (motivation) c. What do the other characters say about him/her? (Personality, behavior. ..) 4. Thought- What is the theme of the play? (10 pts) What line(s) from the play most describes it? (5 pts) 5. Describe the Diction/language used in the play- modern, elevated?(5 pts) Give an example to support your answer.(5 pts) 6. Music- what is musical about the play? What sounds are heard? give example(s)
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Unformatted text preview: (5 pts) 7. Spectacle- what spectacle would be seen or is required in the play? give example(s)(5 pts) 8. Briefly give an example of the following from your play. You may use the Plot diagram to illustrate (20pts total) a. Exposition- what is the status quo at the beginning? b. Inciting Incident- what event triggers the action of the play? c. What is the DRAMATIC QUESTION OF THE PLAY? d. Climax/Crisis- how is the dramatic question answered? e. Resolution- what is the status quo at the end? Finding Plays Any play by Neil Simon, William Shakespeare, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Clifford Odets, Lorraine Hansberry, is fine and many many more!! Free Online One Act Plays
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Character and play analysis 2009 - (5 pts 7 Spectacle what...

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