Musculoskeletal system

Musculoskeletal system - o Extension increase angle of...

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I) Musculoskeletal system a. Muscle Action b. Skeletal Muscules 1. Anatomy 2. Contraction 3. Control of contractions 4. Whole muscle action A) Muscle Action Muscles can only contract o Skeletal muscles are in pairsl when one brings something up, another brings something down antagonists (biceps/triceps) Muscles need bone to apply and direct the force generated skeletons o Types of skeletons Hydrostatic Exoskeleton Endoskeleton [Read / Know skeletal systems p730-731] Specific actions o Flexion – decrease angle of joints (p. 740 fig 38-11]
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Unformatted text preview: o Extension increase angle of joints When biceps cotract triceps relax Muscles have origin and insertion points Abudction/Adduction o Abduction move away o Adduction bring back towards middle Protaction/retraction o Protraction Move forwards o Retraction Take away Pronation/Supination o (pronate vs supine) Pronate (palm downwards) Supine palm upwards B) Skeletal muscle (skeletal vs. cardiac vs. smooth muscle) Muscle cell comparison o...
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