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Brey-Lecture 1 - Login(password is...

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Login (password is birthday month/day/year) Evolution (lectures 21-25) Accumulation of inherited changes in populations over time Ecology (lectures 26-28) The interaction between organisms and their environment Evolution – recommended reading Darwinian Evolution – chapter 17 Population genetics and microevolution – chapter 18 Sexual selection pp 996-998 Speciation and macroevolution chapter 19 Ecology Population ecology – chapter 51 Community ecology – chapter 52 25,000 Known Mammalian Species 250,000 Angiosperms (flowering plants) 1,000,000 species of insects What allows us to have this variety? Evolution Ideas to explain biodiversity Extraterrestrial Theory – everything came from space Creationism – supernatural being that created every living organism o Based on faith o No scientific evidence Darwinian Evolution – change of organisms over time o There is a common ancestor to everything Evolution Malthus – population grow exponentially then grow logistically o Resources are finite Lyell – geologists earth was billions of years old Lamarck – believed in evolution, but said that species have acquire traits (mice cut off tail) o i.e. – giraffe stretched necks to get food and obtained long necks and passed down
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Brey-Lecture 1 - Login(password is...

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