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bio2-SP06 - Y ExamC ode:A PR Name is a 11 P arthenogensis t...

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Y. Name 11. Parthenogensis is a tlpe of a. asexual reprcduction in hermaphxodites b. sexual reproduction in hermaph.rodites c. sexual reproduction that occurs when an unfertilizedegg develops into an embryo d. reproduction that is uniquebecause it is neither sexual nor asexual id,r asexual reproduction that occws when an unfertilizedegg develops into an embryo 2. The main advantage of sexual reproduction is that it 3. A pdmary ooc)4e might be found -a- in a follicle about to undergo olulation I' -+t:- in the uterus '"- ,€a in anoviduct z /1.. d briefly free in the body cavity e.l in an unstimulated follicle in the ovary 4. A cell accompanied by first and second polar bodies might be found $l in an oviduct ExamCode: APR 5. The products of the first meiotic division in human males is/are @ two secondary spematocltes r 6. Which of the following cells are diploid? 9I pnmary spermatoc)Tes ano pnmary ooc)'tes Hsecondary spermatoq4es and secondary oocltes aandb aandc After ovulation, some ofthe hormone- producing cells ofa developing follicle develop into primary oocytes develop into polar bodies develop inlo endometrial cells develop into corpus luteum cells Actually, none ofthe above because all follicle cells die at ovulation i 8. What would you find in the outermost ' portion of a seminiferous tubule? a. inteNtitial cells b. spermatogonia @ spematids d. primary sp€rmatocltes e. secondary spernatoc)'tes o d' r;) '1. a, b. c, CI General Biology 102 Exam 2 - Spdng 2006 Busch,4-ivingston sections Page I
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Name Exam Code: APR MATCHING: Answer Questions 9 - 15by 17. Testosterone is produced by choosing the BEST answer (phases ofthe ovary) fromthe following list: DO NOT a. sperm cells under the influence of GnRH FORGET TO TRANSFER YOUR from the hlpothalamus ANSWERS TO YOUR OP-SCAN FORMI b. spermatogonia under the influence of FSH from the antedor pituitary a. luteal phase b. ovulation c. follicular phase o\ulation e. none of the above 19. Menstrual flow phase i 10. Stimulated by a peak ofLH. ! ll. Stimulated by FSH. c. pdmary spematocltes under the influence ofCnRH from lhe posterior pituitary FSH ftom the hlpothalamus I interstitial cells under the influence of LH Aom the antedor pituitary 18. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) a. exerts positive feedback on the h)?othalamus b. mimics the action of FSH c. is produced under the influence of contains, a human egg is most like the
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