Carboxylic Acids and Esters

Carboxylic Acids and Esters - Carboxylic Acids, Esters,...

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Unformatted text preview: Carboxylic Acids, Esters, Amines and Amides Carboxylic Acids Properties of Carboxylic Acids Esters Esterification and Hydrolysis 1 Carboxyl Group Carboxylic acids contain the carboxyl group on carbon 1. O || CH3 — C—OH = CH3—COOH carboxyl group 2 Naming Carboxylic Acids Formula IUPAC alkan -oic acid Common prefix – ic acid HCOOH methanoic acid formic acid CH3COOH ethanoic acid acetic acid CH3CH2COOH propanoic acid propionic acid CH3CH2CH2COOH butanoic acid butyric acid 3 Naming Rules • Identify longest chain • (IUPAC) Number carboxyl carbon as 1 • (Common) Assign α , β , χ to carbon atoms adjacent to carboxyl carbon CH3 | CH3 — CH—CH2 —COOH IUPAC 3-methylbutanoic acid Common β -methylbutryic acid 4 Learning Check CA1 Give IUPAC and common names: A. CH3COOH CH3 | B. CH3CHCOOH 5 Solution CA 1 A. CH3COOH ethanoic acid; acetic acid CH3 | B. CH3CHCOOH 2-methylpropanoic acid; α -methylpropionic acid 6 Properties • Carboxylic acids are weak acids CH3COOH + H2O • Neutralized by a base CH3COOH + NaOH CH3COO– + H3O+ CH3COO– Na+ + H2O 7 Esters In and ester, the H in the carboxyl group is replaced with an alkyl group O || CH3 — C—O —CH3 = CH3—COO —CH3 ester group 8 Esters in Plants Esters give flowers and fruits their pleasant fragances and flavors. 9 Naming Esters • Name the alkyl from the alcohol –O• Name the acid with the C=O with –ate acid alcohol O || methyl CH3 — C—O —CH3 Ethanoate (acetate) methyl ethanoate (IUPAC) methyl acetate (common) 10 Some Esters and Their Names Flavor/Odor Raspberries HCOOCH2CH3 ethyl methanoate (IUPAC) ethyl formate (common) Pineapples CH3CH2CH2 COOCH2CH3 ethyl butanoate (IUPAC) ethyl butyrate (common) 11 Learning Check CA 2 Give the IUPAC and common names of the following compound, which is responsible for the flavor and odor of pears. O || CH3 — C—O —CH2CH2CH3 12 Solution CA2 O || propyl CH3 — C—O —CH2CH2CH3 propyl ethanoate (IUPAC) propyl acetate (common) 13 Learning Check CA 3 Draw the structure of the following compounds: A. 3-bromobutanoic acid B. Ethyl propionoate 14 Solution CA 3 A. 3-bromobutanoic acid Br | CH3CHCH2COOH B. Ethyl propionoate O || CH3 CH2 COCH2CH3 CH3CH2COOCH2CH3 15 Esterification • Reaction of a carboxylic acid and alcohol • Acid catalyst O || H+ CH3 — C—OH + HO—CH2CH3 O || CH3 — C—O—CH2CH3 + H2O 16 Hydrolysis • Esters react with water and acid catalyst • Split into carboxylic acid and alcohol O || H+ H — C—O—CH2CH3 + H2O O || H — C—OH + HO—CH2CH3 17 Saponification • Esters react with a bases • Produce the salt of the carboxylic acid and alcohol O || CH3C—OCH2CH3 + NaOH O || CH3C—O– Na+ salt of carboxylic acid + HOCH2CH3 18 Learning Check CA4 Write the equation for the reaction of propionic acid and methyl alcohol in the presence of an acid catalyst. 19 Solution CA4 O || H+ CH3CH2COH + HOCH3 O || CH3CH2COCH3 + H2O 20 Learning Check CA5 What are the organic products when methylacetate reacts with A. Water and an acid catalyst? B. KOH? 21 Solution CA5 A. O || CH3COH + HOCH3 O || B. CH3CO– K+ + HOCH3 22 ...
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