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Pickled Eggs Anyone By Virginia Malone Concepts: Surface area Chemical reactions Time: 2-4 class periods Materials: Egg shells Plastic bottles Helium quality balloons Plastic bags Rolling pin or short broom handle 2 gallons of vinegar Balances Funnels Water Safety materials Graduated Cylinder 1. Present the following to students without discussion or explanation. Put some finely crushed egg shells in a one-liter plastic bottle. Add some vinegar and put a balloon over the top of the bottle. Wait. The balloon will inflate. 2. In groups of three or four have the students list as many variables as they can (things that they could change). You may have to get them started by asking what could we change that might cause different results? Wait someone will think of something. For example, the size the egg shells, the number of egg shells, the amount of vinegar, the diluted the vinegar, the size of the bottle, the size of the balloon, the type of balloon, the shape of the balloon. 3. Make a master list of the variables on a transparency. Each group adds one variable to the master list until every group has presented at least one variable. This takes about 5 minutes. 4. Have the students ask as many questions as they can about the demonstration using questions such as What will happen if we use different . ..? What if we use different amount of . ..? What will be the effects of changing . .. on . ..? Allow about 5 minutes for this. Tell students they need to keep a list because they will be changing groups. The questions can
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821164932697 - Pickled Eggs Anyone By Virginia Malone...

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