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Blazing Christmas Candles Chemical Concept chemical reaction oxidation Materials: potassium or sodium nitrate (saltpeter) small beaker and a glass stirring rod Procedure 1. Dissolve a full scoop of potassium nitrate or sodium nitrate in about 20mL of water in a  beaker and stir with the glass rod until all the solid material is dissolved.   2. Keep adding another scoop of the solid and stirring until the solution is saturated and some  solid is in the bottom of the beaker. 3. Take a blank sheet of paper and draw the outline of a fire place (or other Christmas 
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Unformatted text preview: illustration) with the glass rod dipped in the saturated solution. (Make the lines rather thick and use the liquid liberally) 4. Leave the paper to dry at room temperature. Before is complete dry, mark one spot where the drawing was started with a pencil. 5. Show the students a completely blank sheet of paper, and tell them that you will start drawing on the paper with fire. Strike a match, blow it out, and with the glowing tip touch the marked spot on the paper; observe! Adapted from Science Inquiry by Tik Liem...
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