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Chemistry Is A Gas Blake, Thelma B. Louis Worth Experimental School P.O. Box 4649 536-8910 Chicago, Illinois, 60680 752-2695 Objectives: The student will be able to apply the conventional gas laws in the determination of volume changes resulting from changes in temperature, pressures, or number of moles of the gas. Apparatus Needed: Hypodermic Spring Scale, weights or books, hot plates, gas can, glass tubing, rubber stopper, 500 ml beakers, 125 ml flasks, tongs, clamps, gloves, and balloons. Recommended Strategy: The following strategies demonstrate the use of Boyle's Law, which is P 1 V 1 =P 2 V 2 . 1. Hypodermic Syringe Scale (Elasticity of a Gas Apparatus): Use weights or books on top of the syringe scale to measure pressure with this additional weight. 2. Can Carbonated Water: You've seen Boyle's Law in action when you've shaken a can of pop. As you open it the liquid ends on you and your surroundings. 3.
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