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Combustion Demo Materials: Empty, dry 2 L soda bottle, 5 mL of pure isopropyl alcohol. Pour the alcohol  into the bottle and  recap and move away the stock isopropyl alcohol bottle.  Lay the  bottle on its side and rotate the bottle so the alcohol can vaporize and spread. Do this  for 30-60 seconds. Pour out any excess liquid. Stand the bottle upright and attach a  wooden splint to a meter stick. Light the splint and hold it over or a little into the mouth 
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Unformatted text preview: of the bottle. A big blue flame will shoot out and make a woosh sound. For my second class, I used a second bottle and lit the bottle on its side so the bottle shot across the table. I had a fire blanket on hand because the second time, the bottle kept burning. This was taken from a Flinn kit on types of chemical reactions (the whole kit is recommended - 5 good, quick demos on the 5 types of chemical reactions)....
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