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Concentration vs. Solubility From Therese Donatello Archbishop Weber H. S. 7929 Elm Grove Dr. 5252 W. Palmer St. Elmwood Park IL 60635 Chicago IL 60639 (312) 637-7500 Objectives : 1. The student will be able to distinguish between concentration and solubility. 2. The student will be able to tell which solution is more concentrated. Materials Needed : Bingo chips Petri dishes beans bottles eye droppers food color water table salt talcum powder hot plate wax paper spoons Strategy : 1. Ask the students to count the number of Bingo chips in each of the Petri dishes. They will see that one has more chips than the other. Explain that the one that has more chips is said to be more concentrated. Repeat using dishes containing various amount of beans. Have the students rank the containers from the highest to the lowest concentration. 2. Have the students fill a bottle half way with water. Add table salt (one spoonful at a time while stirring) and have them describe what happens as each spoonful is added
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