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Disappearing ink from http://www.chemsoc.org/networks/learnnet/Word_files/Kev31- 40.doc Introduction A blue liquid is made. This liquid is tested on a white page; it leaves a blue ink spot. In a few seconds, the blue spot disappears. What to do 1. Place 10 cm 3 of ethanol ( Highly flammable ) in a small beaker. 2. Add a few drops of thymolphthalein ( Highly flammable ) indicator solution. 3. Add just enough NaOH solution ( Irritant ); drop wise, to produce a deep blue color in the solution. 4.
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Unformatted text preview: Using a small paintbrush test the ‘disappearing ink’ on a white page. Safety Wear eye protection. Care with teat pipettes that contain sodium hydroxide. Questions The color change occurs because sodium hydroxide reacts with a gas in the air. 1. Which gas in the air causes this color change? 2. Write a word equation for the reaction. 3. Write a formula equation for the reaction. Royal Society of Chemistry Student Sheets – Classic Chemistry Experiments Home...
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