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ElementHuntProject - 1 If there’s anything valuable you...

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Element Hunt Project By M. Horton [email protected] In this project, you and A (one, single, uno, only, solitary, lone, solo)partner will be collecting as many pure elements as you can. You will put all of the elements that you find onto a poster board or cardboard labeled with what they are and where they came from if it’s not obvious. The element must be pure . Don’t bring a car battery because it has sulfur in it. The elements can be in a container if they need to be. For each item that you get correct, you get 5 points. For each item that you get wrong, you lose 4 points. So if you get 4 correct and 2 wrong, you get 12 points, that’s not good. The grading scale is as follows: 40 points (8 elements) A+ 7 elements B+ 6 elements C+ 5 elements D+ 4 elements F+ A couple of rules:
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Unformatted text preview: 1) If there’s anything valuable, you can come back after school and pick it up. 2) If ONE SINGLE person asks me if they can be in a group of 3 or have 2 partners, this becomes an individual project, not a partner project for everybody and I’m NOT joking. 3) Bring in the smallest amount possible 4) Guessing is not a good idea 5) DO NOT ASK ANYONE FOR HELP ON THIS EXCEPT YOUR PARTNER. IF YOU DO, THEN ALL 4 OF YOU GET A ZERO! 6) You must sign up with your partner in advance (today). You cannot choose a partner on the last day. Period __________________________________________________________________ Your Name ______________________________________________________________ Partner’s Name ___________________________________________________________...
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