Elements1 - EdmundsCentralChemistry _% Name_ Contributed...

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Edmunds Central Chemistry _____ % Name _____________________ Contributed by: Open the “Elements1” Excel file. To answer the questions you may want to use the Sort and Hide features of Excel. Sort Columns Select the entire column you would like to sort, then click on the  Data  menu.  Now  click on the  Sort  feature and the window to the right should pop up.   May  sure  the radio button for  Expand the selection  is selected, otherwise your  sort  will not carry all of the elements information with the sort.  When you click the  Sort  button the second window below should appear with the column you  selected in the first  Sort by  field and the  Ascending  radio button on.   You will probably want to select a second field criteria during your sort.  More than  likely you will want the second sort criteria to be the field “Atomic #.”  You  may also choose a third sort criteria field if you need to. Hide a row or column
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This note was uploaded on 11/09/2011 for the course CHEM 100 taught by Professor Sdfsdf during the Winter '08 term at BYU.

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Elements1 - EdmundsCentralChemistry _% Name_ Contributed...

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