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L AB : HOW MUCH ENERGY IN A NUT I NTRODUCTION In this activity you will determine the amount of energy stored in a nut. Water will act as the heat sink and therefore the calorie as a measure of heat will be used. MATERIALS balance an empty soft drink can (aluminum) graduated cylinder a thermometer a paper clip matches a pecan half a large clamp and ring stand 1. Mass a pecan half on the balance to the nearest 0.01 g and record the mass in your data table. 2. Fashion a stand from the paper clip and impale the nut on one end of the paper clip. 3. Measure 100 mL of water in a graduated cylinder and pour it into the soft drink can. 4. Clamp the soft drink can to a ring stand and suspend the can about an inch above the nut. Place a thermometer in the soft drink can and take the initial temperature of the water in the can and record it in your data table. 5. Now light the nut. It may take a little trying to start burning, but it will ignite. Stir the water in the can slowly as long as the nut burns.
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