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Contributed by: Exploration of Gases: This is not a lab but rather a chance for you to explore and make observations of certain events that occur under different situations. You may place your work in your lab or class notebook. We will use your findings to better understand the properties of gases. Visit each station and follow the directions given below. Observations are the key so be sure to make notes before, during and after. Station 1; Take a plastic water bottle and place just one or two ml of water in the bottom. Place the bottle, OPEN, in a hot water bath and let it sit for 5 min. Before removing the bottle from the water bath, place the top on the bottle and then remove from the heat. Immerse the bottle immediately into an ice bath. Clean up before moving to the next station Station 2: Place a bit of water (5 ml) into a 125 ml flask.
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Unformatted text preview: Fit a balloon over the top of the flask and place in a hot water bath. After 4 min., place the flask in an ice bath. Clean up you station. Please take the balloon off the flask before you leave. Station 3: Using a 250 ml flask, place a balloon over the opening with the balloon inside of the flask. Blow up the balloon in the flask until it completely fills the flask. Station 4: Read the atmospheric pressure from the barometer and convert it to atm. Station 5: Drink the liquid in a juice box. When you think you are done, blow through the straw until you cant blow any further, and then stop. Station 6: Blow up a balloon, tie it off Try to squeeze it to half its size without breaking it. If it breaks make note of the fact and move on....
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