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GasLawsMagicSquare - 16.0 L F If a barometer at your home...

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Technical Chemistry - Gas Laws Magic Square You must show your work in the square. Name……………………………… A. A sample of neon gas occupies a volume of 2.8 L at 1.8 atm. What would its volume be at 1.2 atm? B. A balloon full of air has a volume of 2.75 L at a temperature of 18 o C. What is the balloon's volume at 45 o C? C. If 3.0 L of a gas at 20.0 o C is heated to 30.0 o C what is the new volume of the gas? D. A sample of argon has a volume of 0.43 mL at 24 o C. At what temperature in degrees Celsius will it have a volume of 0.57 mL? E. To what pressure would you have to compress 48.0 L of oxygen gas at 99.3 kPa in order to reduce its volume to
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Unformatted text preview: 16.0 L? F. If a barometer at your home reads 768.2 mm of Hg, what is the atmospheric pressure in kPa? G. What is the starting volume of a 24.7L gas sample that exerts a pressure of 0.999 atm. Its original pressure being 1.011 atm. H. What is the starting temperature of 150mL of gas when cooled to 33 O C and a volume of 120mL I. What is the volume occupied by 20.4 liters of CO 2 at 1200 Torr when it is at STP? 1. 394 K 5. 24.4 L 9. 4.2 L 2. 3.01 L 6. 298 kPa 10. 382.5 K 3. 32.2 L 7. 3.1 L 11. 847 mm Hg 4. 121 o C 8. 102.4 kPa 12. 24 o C Bronwyn Hogan May 10, 2001 Home...
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