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Go Fish Directions Have four students in a group with one deck of cards. Each student draws 7 cards and tries to match ions (into a valid formula like NaCl) from what they have drawn. They lay down the matches to be counted at the end. One at a time, they ask a specific group member for a specific ion, "Bob, do you have a sodium cation?" If the Bob says no, then the asker gets to Go Fish, or draw from the deck. If they get what they asked for from their deck draw, then they get to go again. It
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Unformatted text preview: goes on this way until one member gets rid of all their cards to matches. Then you count matches. I always give a bonus point on a quiz/test for every 10 matches. You can always make up your own rules - like having them, in the first round, just ask for a cation or anion. That reinforces which one is which. And making them check a list of valid formulas before ending the game. Students can also make up their own rules! Enjoy Karen Belciglio...
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