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Molarity Lab – Murder Investigation BACKGROUND: A crime has been committed and you, as the forensic detective, as going to use your knowledge of solution chemistry to solve the crime. Miss Scarlet was found dead on the floor of the ballroom . Beside her body police found a clear liquid, undoubtedly the murder weapon. Detectives were quick to ascertain that the murder weapon was one of two chemicals. They knew that Miss Scarlet has a violent allergic reaction to potassium iodide, and that there was widespread use of silver nitrate, which is toxic if ingested, by several members of the household. Police further discovered the following evidence. Professor Plum , an eccentric chemistry teacher, was working in the study with silver nitrate solutions of molarities 0.20 to 0.30. Miss Scarlet was Plum's worst student, arriving to class late, being responsible for lots of broken glassware, and rarely cleaning up after her experiments. The policeman in charge, never having had a chemistry class, did not seriously consider this to be a motive for murder. Mrs. White , an asthmatic, has a prescription for potassium iodide in the bathroom . Her pharmacist assures us that her potassium iodide solution has a molarity in the range of 0.05 M to 0.15 M. That Mrs. White was presently rooming with Miss Scarlet's ex-boyfriend led the police to suspect her. Neither she nor her boyfriend could be found in the lounge for comment. Mr. Green , a photographer, had solutions of silver nitrate between 0.05 M and 0.15 M in the darkroom . Mr. Green apparently had been caught scarlet-handed at his own blackmail game. Pictures of him with Miss Scarlet were found hidden in Scarlet's bedroom . Mrs. Green should be spared seeing the pictures if at all possible. Mrs. Peacock
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Honors_Molarity_Lab - Molarity Lab M urderInvestigation...

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