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Virginia T. O'Brien - Higgins Community Academy From We All Scream For Ice Cream Virginia T. O'Brien Higgins Community Academy 2540 W. 109th Place 11710 S. Morgan CHICAGO IL 60655 CHICAGO IL 60643 (773) 779-7109 (773) 535-5625 Objective(s) : Demonstrate freezing point depression, one of the colligative properties. Materials Needed : One large and one small zip lock baggie, one thermometer and one spoon for each student; granulated sugar, vanilla, a variety of milk products (skim, 2%, whole, chocolate, and cream), measuring cups, measuring spoons, vanilla extract, salt, ice cubes, chocolate syrup. Strategy : Speculate as to what occurs when sodium chloride or calcium chloride, types of salt, is sprinkled on icy streets and sidewalks. Students may think they cause the temperature to rise. Give each participant a small and a large zip lock baggie and a thermometer. Fill large baggie half full with ice. Place thermometer in baggie, seal the baggie and set it aside. In small baggie, put
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