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Ion_Puzzle - Puzzle-Piece Ionic Compounds You have had a...

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Label all ion puzzle pieces. See above. Add up ions to get formulas. The number of atoms or polyatomic ions must be subscripted: Ag 2 CO 3 If element symbol has two letters, second must be lowercase. Don't forget to put polyatomic ions in parentheses if more than one and subscript the number: Al(OH) 3 Na + Cl - Puzzle-Piece Ionic Compounds You have had a couple of days experience balancing ionic-compound formulas, getting the cations and ions properly balanced. To get a visual feel for how to combine ions, let's use ion puzzle pieces to make ionic compounds. One has to cut them out and glue them together. For example, Sodium Chloride when completed and labeled will look like this: Label each ion piece correctly NaCl The charges add up to zero and a neutral balanced formula is written below. Use the ion table provided. Construct the following ionic compounds using puzzle pieces that you will cut out: Copper (I) * chloride Copper (II) * iodide Magnesium oxide Gold (III) Nitrate Sodium Sulfate Lead (II) * Hydroxide
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