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IonicCovalentLab - of water see if it dissolves Test it...

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Ionic or Covalent Objectives – To investigate the properties of several substances. To be able to interpret data to classify if a substance is ionic or molecular covalent. Safety – Caution with hot objects. Wear eye protection and an apron. Procedure – On a glass slide place a small sample of each of 4 substances. Put the slide on a hot plate set at # 5. Record what happens over the next 3 minutes. Using a 50 mL beaker, add a small spatula to 10 mL
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Unformatted text preview: of water, see if it dissolves. Test it with a conductivity meter. Complete the table Substance Did it melt Dissolve? Conduct? Classification A B C D 1. What are the properties of molecular and ionic compounds? 2. Explain the melting point of ionic compounds. 3. Explain the melting point of molecular compounds. 4. Explain the differences in conductivity of ionic and molecular compounds. Home...
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