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Chemistry I – 2007-08 Kaleidoscope Milk Lab Background Information The role of milk in nature is to nourish and provide immunological protection for young mammals. Milk has a very high nutritional value and is a very complex food. Milk’s general composition consists mostly of water with equal parts of fat, protein, and sugars. Milk also contains important vitamins and minerals. Milk is classified into different types based upon the amount of fat. Skim milk contains 0g fat per 250 mL serving; 2% milk contains 2g fat per 250 mL serving, whole milk If raw milk is left to stand, the fat will separate from the milk, rise, and form a cream layer. To prevent this from happening to the milk you buy at the store, the milk goes through a process called homogenization. Homogenization of milk breaks up the fat into very small fat globules and spreads them throughout the milk. The fat globules (0.1 to 15 µm in diameter) are basically suspended uniformly in the milk. Milk is a complicated substance made up of many parts that are attracted to some substances while repelling others. These interactions cause milk to act in an interesting way when mixed with substances such as dishwashing soap. Soap cleans dishes by breaking up fat or grease and allowing it to flow in the water down the drain. Food coloring is mostly water with added dye particles. You will discover an interesting property of milk by mixing different types of milk with food coloring and dishwashing soap. You will examine the amount of movement of the milk and food coloring before and after soap is added. Materials: Petri dishes Liquid dish detergent Toothpicks Watch glasses Assorted food colorings Skim (fat free) milk 1% milk 2% milk Whole milk Buttermilk Goat’s milk Powdered milk Procedure 1. Place the four Petri dishes on your lab bench. Use scrap paper to label your dishes. 2.
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Kaleidoscope_Milk_Lab - Chemistry I 2007-08 Lab 1-2 (formal...

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