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Balancing Equations with Marshmallows and Sugar Cookies Objective: To learn to balance simple chemical equations. Materials: Five different colors of marshmallows. Part A. Marshmallows 1. The colored marshmallows represent types of atoms. Why are you using marshmallows in this activity instead of actual individual atoms of these elements? 2. As you have already learned, atoms combine to form compounds. Place one white marshmallow (carbon atom) and four green marshmallows (hydrogen atoms) together. This pile of marshmallows represents one molecule of the flammable gas methane (CH 4 ). When ignited, CH 4 combines with oxygen (O 2 ) gas (represented by orange marshmallows) in the air to produce carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) and water (H 2 O). (Draw each molecule here with colored pencils or markers) 3. Which of your models (CH 4 , O 2 , CO 2 , and H 2 O) represent reactants and which represent products? 4. Taking into consideration the meaning of the arrow in a chemical reaction, which models should be to the left of the arrow and which should be to the right? 5.
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MarshmallowCookieEquations - Balancing Equations with...

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