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RadioactivityWorksheet - Radioactivity Worksheet Name Write...

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Radioactivity Worksheet Name________________________________________ Write down the isotopic notation for Carbon-14. Explain what the top and bottom numbers are. __________________________________________________________________________________ What is an alpha and beta particle? ______________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Which type of radiation is the most easily blocked? Which is difficult to stop? ___________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ How can radioactivity be detected? _____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ What is the ½ life of Cobalt –60? _______________________________________________________ After 3 ½ lives, what % of the radioactive isotope is remaining? _______________________________ What is carbon-14 used for? ___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ What does the word fission mean? ______________________________________________________ When fission is controlled what is it used for? _____________________________________________ When fission is not controlled how is it used? _____________________________________________
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