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Unformatted text preview: Smore Stoichiometry Contributed by Definitions : Stoichio means element and metry means the process of measuring. The mass and quantity relationships among reactants and products in a reaction are found using the process of stoichiometry. Problem: 1) If you are given one bag of large marshmallows, what is the maximum number of Smores that can be made? 2) How many boxes of graham crackers and how many chocolate bars are needed to make this many Smores? Solutions: 1 st Step: Write a chemical equation using the following symbols: Substance Symbol Unit Mass Graham Cracker S 7.00 g Marshmallow Mm 7.10 g Chocolate Pieces Or 3.30 g Smore S 2 MmOr 3 ________ g Calculate the unit mass of the Smore (S 2 MmOr 3 )below: 2 nd Step: Balance the equation: What does the equation tell us? What do the coefficients represent? They represent the ratio of the ___________ or the ______________. 3 rd Step: Calculating the number of units (or moles) given: Determine the number of unit marshmallows that are available in the bag. If there are 454 g marshmallows in one bag, how many marshmallows do you have?...
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Smore_stoichiometry - Smore Stoichiometry Contributed by...

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