SnowGlobes - Snowy looking crystals will appear but be...

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Snow Globes Chemical Concepts:  solubility saturation supersaturation Materials benzoic acid 250mL beaker plastic figurine, 1” tall ointment jar or baby food jar hot plate hot glue gun Procedure 1. Hot glue the figurine to the lid of the baby food jar.  The lid will need to be sanded with sand  paper to allow the hot glue to adhere.   2. Slowly heat about 75mL of tap water in a 250mL beaker using a hot plate.  Do not allow the  water to boil.   3. As the water is heating, add about 1 gram of benzoic acid.  Continue to heat and stir the  mixture until the benzoic acid completely dissolves.   4. Carefully remove the beaker from the hot plate and allow the solution to begin cooling. 
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Unformatted text preview: Snowy looking crystals will appear, but be patient. 5. After the solution is completely cooled to room temperature and the figurine is secure, stir the snow mixture and quickly pour into the baby food jar. 6. Use a graduated cylinder to slowly fill the jar to the brim with tap water. Leave as little air as possible in the jar. 7. Cap the jar tightly and possible secure the seal with electrical tape. You should now be able to turn the snow scene upside down and watch your figurine get buried in the blizzard Safety Check the MSDS for precautions and disposal. Adapted from Flinn Fax...
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SnowGlobes - Snowy looking crystals will appear but be...

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