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The sublimation of air freshener Introduction Sublimation is an interesting physical change. When a substance sublimes, it changes directly from a solid to a gas without passing through the liquid state. Dry ice sublimes, as do iodine and mothballs. This experiment involves the study of another common substance that sublimes – air freshener. What to do 1. Place a few lumps of air freshener in the bottom of the100 cm 3 beaker. 2. Put the100 cm 3 beaker carefully on top of the other100 cm 3 beaker. 3. Fill the top beaker three quarters full with ice. Ensure no ice enters the beaker
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Unformatted text preview: below. 4. Fill the shallow dish or pan about one-third full of hot water (at a higher temperature than 45 °C). 5. Place the sublimation apparatus in the shallow dish in a fume cupboard. 6. Observe what happens to the solid. Be patient, it may take a while. Safety Wear eye protection. Use a fume cupboard. Questions 1. What might be the significance of 45 °C? Try lower and higher temperatures if there is time. 2. Define ‘sublimation’. 3. Use the particle theory of matter to explain what is happening and include a particle diagram. Home...
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