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WaterFreezesLab - 3 Tie the sealed bottle in a clear...

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Water expands when it freezes Introduction Water expands when it freezes. Most liquids contract when they freeze so this property of water is unusual. This property is clearly shown in this experiment. This process is used to explain how ice can break rocks apart. What to record What happens? What to do 1. Fill a screw top bottle right up to the top with water. 2. Screw on the top tightly.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Tie the sealed bottle in a clear plastic bag. 4. Leave overnight in a freezer. Safety Care when removing frozen bottle from freezer. Questions 1. Use what happened to explain why water pipes sometimes burst in winter. 2. What happens when your milk freezes on the doorstep in winter? 3. Use this knowledge to add captions to the diagram that explain how rocks crack. Home...
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