WaterSurfaceTensionLab - Surface Tension of Water From...

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Surface Tension of Water From http://www.iit.edu/~smile/ Barbara Pamela Retired 5730 S. Kensington Countryside IL 60525 (708) 482-7908 Objectives : 1. To use the phenomenological approach to demonstrate the basic concepts associated with surface tension. 2. To demonstrate the meaning of adhesion. 3. To demonstrate the meaning of cohesion. 4. To determine the relationship between the molecular attraction, adhesion, cohesion, and surface tension. 5. To show that surface tension plays an important role in detergents and other cleaning agents. Materials Needed : water aluminum foil index cards alcohol marbles or paper clips scissors dish detergent wire mesh talcum powder or chips of soap waxpaper different light-weight bubble solution small jars materials bubble blowers plastic glasses Strategies : Activity I : 1. Divide the class into groups of 4 or 5 students. Have stations set up for the different activities. 2. At each station, have 2 plastic glasses filled to the brim with water. Have a pre- measured container of water from which a student from each group extracts water with an eyedropper, and transfers it drop by drop to one of the above-mentioned plastic glasses. Have the students predict what might happen. As the activity to overfill the glass continues, have the students observe that very many drops of water can be added without the water spilling out. If done carefully, the water forms an oval shape above the rim of the glass. Continue putting in the drops of water until the water starts spilling out of the glass. Check the amount of water
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WaterSurfaceTensionLab - Surface Tension of Water From...

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