innovation-light-speed-answers - (scratches,finger oil) 14....

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1. With fire beacons 2. Weather (visibility poor, rain/cloud/mist) 3. War was over 4. 1858 5. Sending signals as notes, combining messages on wire 6. Patented telephone 7. Water 8. Turn signal on & off 9. Can’t travel as far, obstacles get in way 10. (Cost), audio delay (¼ second) 11. 1000 trillion 12. Doctors (medical) 13. Touching other fibers
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Unformatted text preview: (scratches,finger oil) 14. Perfectly transparent fiber (pure glass) 15. (pure) Sand 16. 10 km 17. The Internet (phone) 18. Hamilton (or Toronto) 19. Military, space station 20. Many are still in use Note: students may have difficulty with 5,8,12, and 14 For more lessons, visit
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innovation-light-speed-answers - (scratches,finger oil) 14....

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