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For more lessons, visit 1. An Elephant 2. 97 3. Dolphin 4. 5. For cleaning 6. Sardines 7. Drive to surface, Release bubbles 8. ½ million 9. Sunlight (sun) 10. Tides (signals turtles to breed) 11. 400,000 12. So offspring can avoid predators (overwhelm) 13. Humpback (½) whales (½) (sea lions)
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Unformatted text preview: 14. To breed (lay eggs) 15. Crabs, birds, gulls, bears, ducks (any two) 16. Grey(½) whales(½) 17. They try to drown it. 18. Tongue & lower jaw. 19. To conserve energy. 20. Warm water makes them grow faster (food there when they hatch) Ocean World Ocean World /20 /20...
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