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For more lessons, visit www.chalkbored.com 1. Unmanned ( uninhabited ) 2. Spy 4. Soviet missile build up in Cuba 5. Jetison and caught by plane 6. $4.5 billion (in today’s dollars) 7. Israel 8. Caught in net, loud, repairs, limited range 9. Predator 10.See through clouds. 11.Laser designator (hellfire missiles) 12. Jet powered, travels
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Unformatted text preview: higher, no ground pilot (flies itself) 13. $40 million 14. Anything (video for soldiers, cheaper, portable, durable) 15. Size of a penny 16. Energy 17. Sun (solar cells) 18. Combat 19. Mosque 20. Weather, watching borders, security, commercial aircraft 3. Nine (9)...
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