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A History of the Cell

A History of the Cell - A History of the Cell History The...

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Unformatted text preview: A History of the Cell History The Merging of Science and History Robert Hooke Robert 1665 Uses first Uses microscope to view cork cells. view Anton van Leeuwenhoek Anton 1676 Leeuwenhoek Leeuwenhoek observes organisms in pond water with his simple microscope. microscope. Matthias Schleiden Matthias 1838 Concludes that Concludes all plants are made up of cells. cells. Theodor Schwann Theodor 1839 Concludes that Concludes all animals are make up of cells. cells. Rudolph Virchow Rudolph 1855 Completes Cell Completes Theory Theory Proposes that all Proposes cells come from existing cells. existing Cell Division - Google Video ...
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