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Unformatted text preview: Study of Biology copyright cmassengale 1 What is Biology? Biology is the study of all living things things Living things are called organisms organisms Organisms include bacteria, Organisms protists, fungi, plants, & animals protists, copyright cmassengale 2 All Living Things Share All Common Characteristics Common 1. Basic Unit is the Cell Basic Cell 2. They Reproduce They Reproduce 3. All Based On Universal All Genetic Code (DNA) (DNA) 4. Grow & Develop copyright cmassengale 3 Common Common Characteristics Characteristics 5. Obtain & Use Materials & Energy Obtain Energy 6. Respond To Their Environment 7. Maintain A Stable Internal Maintain Environment Environment 8. AS A GROUP, Living Things Living Evolve, That Is They Change Over Evolve That Time Time copyright cmassengale 4 Characteristics of Organisms copyright cmassengale 5 All Organisms are made of Cells copyright cmassengale 6 Facts About Cells Cells are the smallest living unit of Cells smallest an organism an All cells contain living material All called cytoplasm cytoplasm All cells are surrounded by a cell All membrane that controls what membrane enters & leaves the cell enters copyright cmassengale 7 More Cell Facts Cells are complex & highly organized Cells have parts called organelles tha...
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