Cmassengale 15 15 genetic code dna deoxyribose

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Unformatted text preview: ight 14 14 Cells Have a Genetic Code copyright cmassengale 15 15 Genetic Code DNA (deoxyribose nucleic acid) carries the genetic code for all organisms organisms All organisms contain DNA DNA codes for the proteins that DNA codes make up cells & do all the work make copyright cmassengale 16 16 Organisms Grow & Organisms Develop Develop copyright cmassengale 17 17 Growth & Development Organisms grow by Organisms grow producing MORE CELLS & by cell ENLARGEMENT ENLARGEMENT Organisms develop as Organisms develop they mature into an adult organism adult copyright cmassengale 18 18 Cells Require Food & Energy copyright cmassengale 19 19 Food Requirements Autotrophs can make their own food Photoautotrophs use sunlight to make food (photosynthesis) Chemoautotrophs use chemicals such as iron & sulfur as their energy copyright cmassengale 20 20 Food Requirements Heterotrophs can NOT make their own food They must consume other organisms Herbivores eat plants Carnivores eat meat Omnivores eat plants & animals copyright cmassengale 21 21 Metabolism Sum of all the chemical reactions Sum in an organism in All require energy All require Sunlight is the ultimate energy for life on Earth copyright cmassengale copyright 22 22 Metabolism Cellular Re...
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