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Cmassengale 23 23 organismsrespondtostimuli organisms

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Unformatted text preview: spiration – Cells releasing the chemical energy stored in foods 6O2 +C6H12O6 6CO2 + 6H2O copyright cmassengale 23 23 Organisms Respond to Stimuli Organisms Respond to stimuli Organisms Respond stimuli (Temperature, Water, Food Supplies, etc.) In Order To Survive & Reproduce Reproduce copyright cmassengale 24 24 Homeostasis Keeping The Internal Environment Keeping (Homeostasis) Of The Cell or Organism (Homeostasis) Within The Ranges Required For Life Within Stable internal conditions of pH, Stable temperature, water balance, etc . temperature, copyright cmassengale 25 25 Living Things Evolve Groups Of Organisms (Not Individuals) Change Over Time In Order To Survive Within Changing Environments. Environments. Fossil records show changes in groups of organisms organisms copyright cmassengale 26 26 Life is Organized on Several Levels copyright cmassengale 27 27 Levels Atoms Molecules Organelles Cells – life starts here Tissues Organs System Organism copyright cmassengale 28 28 Levels Population Community Ecosystem Biosphere copyright cmassengale 29 29 copyright cmassengale 30 30 copyright cmassengale 31 31...
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