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Gchloroplastsinplantsmake sugars copyright

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Unformatted text preview: t do different jobs e.g. Chloroplasts in plants make sugars copyright cmassengale 8 More Cell Facts The simplest cells are The called Prokaryotes Prokaryotes These cells DO NOT These have a nucleus or membrane-bound organelles organelles Bacteria are examples copyright cmassengale 9 More Cell Facts More complex cells are More called Eukaryotes Eukaryotes These cells DO have a These nucleus and membranenucleus bound organelles Plants, animals, Plants, protists, & fungi are protists, examples examples copyright cmassengale 10 10 Organisms are Grouped by their Number of Cells Unicellular Organisms Unicellular – Living Organism Made Up Of One Cell Multicellular Organisms Multicellular – Living Organism Made Up Of Many, Specialized Cells copyright cmassengale 11 11 Organisms Reproduce to Pass on their Genetic Traits copyright cmassengale 12 12 Two Types of Reproduction Reproduction Two Sexual Sexual Reproduction Reproduction Involves 2 parents Egg fertilized by Egg sperm to make a ZYGOTE ZYGOTE Offspring Offspring DIFFERENT from parents parents copyright cmassengale 13 13 Two Types of Reproduction Reproduction Two Asexual Asexual Reproductio Reproductio n Involves a Involves single organism or cell or Cell divides Offspring Offspring IDENTICAL to copyright cmassengale copyr...
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