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Unformatted text preview: Dihybrid Crosses Adding a Second Trait Dihybrid Crosses Dihybrid Dihybrid crosses take into consideration two separate traits being inherited at the same time. Plant Height Flower Color Dihybrid Crosses Dihybrid Each parent now has two sets of alleles… one for each trait (Ex. TtPp x TtPp) X Dihybrid Crosses Dihybrid The Punnet Square will now be a large square separated into 16 boxes. Dihybrid Crosses Dihybrid To determine possible gamete combinations, use the FOIL method (First, Outside, Inside, Last) TtPp First – TP Outside – Tp Inside – tP Last ­ tp T t P p Testcross Testcross Testcrosses are used to determine whether or not an organism is pure bred. ...
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