DNA - DNA: DNA: The Architect of Life The You inherit your...

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Unformatted text preview: DNA: DNA: The Architect of Life The You inherit your genes from your parents. Jobs of DNA Jobs 1. Carry information from one generation to another. 2. Put information to work to determine traits of offspring. 3. Be easily copied. Passing on Traits Passing DNA DNA Nucleotide Nucleotide Individual unit of DNA. Made of three parts: – Sugar (deoxyribose) – Phosphate – Nitrogen base Nucleotide Nucleotide DNA: 2 parts DNA: Backbone (sides): 1. Deoxyribose sugar 2. Phosphate (PO 3­) 4 Deoxyribose Deoxyribose Base Pairs Base Make up the middle or rungs of the DNA ladder. Adenine always pairs with thymine. Cytosine always pairs with Guanine. Base Pair Matches Base Base pairs are held together by a hydrogen bond! Shape Shape DNA is a two sided twisted ladder called a double helix. Internet Resources Internet Science Museum ...
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