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Genetic Misconceptions

Genetic Misconceptions - Genetics Genetics Genetics...

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Unformatted text preview: Genetics Genetics Genetics Genetics The branch of biology that studies heredity Genetics Before Mendel (Misconceptions) (Misconceptions) Heredity was not Heredity seriously studied until second half of nineteenth century. nineteenth Hippocrates Hippocrates First scientist to First ponder heredity was Hippocrates (460-377 BC) (460-377 Hypothesized specific Hypothesized particles or “seeds” were produced by all parts of the body parts Aristotle Aristotle Aristotle rejects Aristotle Hippocrates’ ideas one century later century Believed male semen was Believed made up of imperfectly blended ingredients which included past generations included When mixed with female When “semen” or menstrual fluid, it was given the power to form flesh and blood to develop the offspring develop More Misconceptions More Aristotle’s beliefs were accepted for the Aristotle’s next 2,000 years. next Society also begins to believe in Society spontaneous generation during this time spontaneous Recipe for Mice Recipe Put one dirty shirt into a pot Add handful of wheat grains into pot Set in corner of barn for 21 days Leeuwenhoek Leeuwenhoek 1677 – Leeuwenhoek 1677 discovers sperm discovers Believed that each Believed sperm contained a homunculus or “little man” man” De Graaf De 1670’s – de Graaf discovers female egg Believed the homunculus was in each egg Even More Misconceptions Even Middle of nineteenth century scientists and society Middle believed in blending believed Gregor Mendel to the Rescue Gregor ...
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