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Lymphatic System

Lymphatic System - Notes Notes Lymphatic System CERVICAL...

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Unformatted text preview: Notes Notes Lymphatic System CERVICAL NODES LYMPH VESSELS Chapter 37 Section 2 AXILLARY NODES DIAPHRAGM THYMUS LYMPH VESSELS SPLEEN INGUINAL NODES LYMPH VESSELS Lecture Outline – Lymphatic System PowerPoint Notes textbook questions Keys Keys Crucial in helping the body ward off Crucial in helping the body ward off disease and heal from injury Advanced infection from poor circulation The lymphatic system is closely The lymphatic system is closely linked to several other systems But especially to the Circulatory System Function Function 1. Collects fluid lost from the blood and returns it to the circulatory system – More than three liters of fluid leave the capillaries each day – This continually bathes the cells – There is twice as much lymph in the body as blood – Lymph is dumped back into the circulatory system thru the superior vena cava Functions cont’d Functions cont’d 2. Filters fluid to rid it of bacteria and other pathogens Lymph Capillaries in the Tissue Spaces Tissue cells Lymph capillary Tissue spaces Arteriole Tissue fluid Venule Lymphatic vessel More Functions More Functions 3. Collects fat from the small intestine and delivers it to the circulatory system 4. Generates and stores WBC’s called lymphocytes that fight infection Notice the location of the nodes Components of the Lymphatic Components of the Lymphatic System A. Lymph – fluid collected in lymph vessels Clear straw colored fluid – same basic component as plasma B. Lymph vessels – structures that collect B. Lymph vessels – structures that collect lymph and deliver it back to the circulatory system – Valves within keep the lymph moving in one direction Wall of lymphatic capillary Tissue cell Opening into lymph vessel Tissue fluid C. Lymph nodes = C. Lymph nodes = series of cleaning filters Lymph moves slowly through the nodes WBC’s attack and engulf bacteria and pathogens in nodes Location of vessels and Location of vessels and nodes Nodes swell when large numbers of Nodes swell when large numbers of pathogens are trapped The swelling can cause pain – like a sore throat Have you ever had tonsillitis? Did it look like this? Edema Edema Swelling of tissues due to excess fluid accumulation Caused by disease or injury Elephantiasis – a condition of extreme edema that occurs when lymph vessels become blocked by filarial worms. ...
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