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Unformatted text preview: Macroevolution What is it? What is it? • Macroevolution is where members of a population over time take on characteristics that are so different that they are no longer in the same species. Macroevolution Macroevolution Evidence of Macroevolution Evidence of Macroevolution • • • • • 1. Fossils 2. Biochemistry 3. Homologous Body Structures 4. Vestigial Structures 5. Embryonic Development Microevolution Microevolution • Small changes within a species. • Observed by scientists. • Almost all scientists agree that this has taken place. Macroevolution Macroevolution • Change from one species to another. • Has not been observed by scientists. • Evidence is produced by remnants of the past. • Much more controversial aspect of evolutionary discussion. ...
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