RNA - RNA The way that DNA travels Why does RNA exist Why...

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Unformatted text preview: RNA The way that DNA travels!!! Why does RNA exist? Why DNA is too big to get out of the nucleus of the cell!!! Nuclear Pores Nuclear Differences with DNA Differences 1. DNA=double stranded RNA=single stranded 2. DNA=deoxyribose sugar RNA=ribose sugar Additional Differences Additional 3. DNA=stays in the nucleus RNA=leaves the nucleus for the ribosomes in the cytoplasm. 4. DNA=Thymine RNA=Uracil RNA Picture RNA Types of RNA Types Messenger RNA: – Carries the DNA code from the nucleus to the ribosomes. Transfer RNA: – Transfers amino acids into place to produce proteins. How is RNA produced? How 1. DNA strand unwinds. 2. Enzyme RNA polymerase splits the DNA in half. 3. RNA polymerase uses the DNA strand as a template to build an RNA strand. 4. Nucleotides of RNA are put into place to make an RNA strand. TRANSCRIPTION TRANSCRIPTION ...
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