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Unformatted text preview: Seedless Plants Seedless Mosses and Liverworts Ferns, Horsetails, and Club Ferns, Mosses Mosses Mosses and Liverworts Mosses Small Live on bark, rocks, Live and soil and No vascular No system system Must live in places Must that are wet that No true roots, No stems, or leaves stems, Mosses Mosses Liverworts Liverworts Mosses and Liverworts Mosses Live together in large groups Covering soil or rocks in a mat of Covering tiny green plants tiny Each moss has rhizoids (rootEach rhizoids like structures) Rhizoids help anchor the plant Importance of Mosses and Liverworts: Liverworts: Usually the first plants to inhabit a Usually new environment. new Form a thin layer of soil when they Form die. die. They help hold the soil in place They which prevents erosion. which Nesting material for birds. Peat moss can be burned as fuel. Ferns, Horsetails, and Club Mosses: Mosses: Grow tall Have vascular Have systems systems Ferns Ferns Ferns Ferns Can grow almost Can anywhere. anywhere. Have an Have underground stem called a rhizome. rhizome. Leaves are called Leaves fronds. fronds Horsetails Horsetails Horsetails Horsetails Small vascular plants. Grow less than 1.3 meters tall. Grow in wet, marshy places. Stems are hollow and contain Stems cilia. cilia. Pioneers used them to scrub Pioneers pots and pans. pots Club Mosses Club 25 cm tall. Grow in Grow woodlands. woodlands. Unlike other Unlike mosses, they have vascular tissue. tissue. Importance of Seedless Vascular Plants Vascular Help form soil when they die. Also hold soil in place to prevent Also erosion. erosion. Ferns serve as house plants. Some are cooked and eaten. Formed coal. ...
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