Sex-Linked Traits

Sex-Linked Traits - Sex-Linked Traits Sex-Linked...

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Unformatted text preview: Sex-Linked Traits Sex-Linked Characteristics that are Characteristics inherited from genes found on the sex chromosomes. the Sex-Linked Traits Sex-Linked Sex Determination – Females – XX – Males – XY Almost all sex-linked traits are found on Almost the X chromosome the Y chromosome contains very few genes chromosome and is mainly involved in sex determination determination Sex-Linked Traits Sex-Linked It is possible for a It female to be a carrier of an X-linked trait, but not express it but Men will express all Men X-linked traits they inherit inherit X-linked recessive, carrier mother Unaffected father Unaffected Affected Carrier Unaffected son U.S. National Library of Medicine Carrier mother Unaffected daughter Carrier daughter Affected son Example: Color Blindness Example: Various tests for color blindness. ...
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